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Getting Report

Gradle Analytics Plugin uses daily basis data to generate reports. So you could use the below instructions to generate your build analysis.

Execute Gradle Task

./gradlew reportAnalytics --task="REQUESTED_TASK" --branch="BRANCH_NAME" --period="can be like today, s:yyyy/MM/dd,e:yyyy/MM/dd, 1y, 4m, 38d, 3m 06d"

--period Examples

  • today - Generates report only for the current day.
  • 1d - Generates report from 1 day ago till now.
  • 1m 3d - Generates report from 1 month and 3 days ago till now.
  • 1y - Generates report from 1 year ago till now.
  • s:2022/03/24,e:2022/04/25 - Generates report from 2022/03/24 till 2022/04/25.

Plugin only holds the metrics results in the caching database up to one year.

To understand the metrics and report that plugin provides, It is required to understand Gradle basics and how this build system works.